Hello, Hello, Hello!

Happy Glorious Spring!  The April showers dragged into May showers but my, what foliage and flowers they have produced!  Worth the wait for sure!

Brace yourselves. The sunshine and warm weather are here. The quiet, little town we know and love is about to morph into the chaos that hot weather brings. Ya’ll know what I mean.  So, with this thought in mind, let’s think about how we can tame some of this chaos.

Parking. Parking is at a premium in Indianola. “Downtown” Indianola has the Indianola Store lot, privately owned and operated. The Indianola Post Office, also privately owned and operated by IBIC, is for the use of postal patrons only, (yup, 24/7!), The IBIC parking strip along Indianola Road, is for the use of IBIC members with current permit parking passes. The exception to the IBIC lot is priority for event parking during Clubhouse rentals.  Also, there is open parking during Saturday Market.  So, do you know what that leaves?  Nothing but street parking on our narrow little roads. This is where the chaos begins!  What can we do?  Here are some ideas already in use by others: Put traffic cones out in front of your place. Or a garbage can or two. Perhaps a large stone… or two.  And if the street parking is simply out of control and unsafe for buses/delivery trucks/firetrucks, etc., please call the problem in to 911 as a non-emergency.

I have been approached by a few folks who would like to see more parking oversight on the side streets of downtown Indianola. I don’t believe it is a function of IBIC to enforce parking on non-IBIC properties. However, I would be happy to facilitate getting a group together to meet with the county to see what options there are. Please let me know if this interests you.

One more month and the kids will be out of school.  A double-edged feeling for many, I’m sure.  Soon, the floats will make their way out of their winter hiding hole in Miller Bay. Thank you to the dedicated volunteers that make this happen year in and year out. Unsung heroes for sure!

Cheers to the sunshine!

Karen Jacobsen Kinnaird