Indianola Beach Improvement Club (IBIC)

PLEASE NOTE TERM OF MEMBERSHIP: IBIC Memberships run from January 1st through December 31st of each year.

Please download and print the application for the current membership year from the right sidebar. Once completed, please mail in with your payment or leave in the secure drop box on the Clubhouse porch.

Please complete the application in its entirety. Incomplete applications may not be accepted.

If you prefer to complete your application and pay online, you may do so here.

In order for a member to vote at any IBIC meeting, whether our Annual Meeting or any Special Meeting called during the year, their completed membership application and dues must be received by the IBIC two weeks prior to that meeting.  The right sidebar contains the date of the next Indianola Beach Improvement Club Annual Membership Meeting and the related deadline by which your completed membership application and dues must be received.

A Sponsoring, Household or Family membership is available for up to two adults over the age of 18 and living in the same household.  Additional adults in the Sponsoring, Household, or Family membership category may join as individual members.  If you choose a membership other than an Individual membership, but list only one name, only the name of the individual whose name is listed will be recorded as a member and eligible to vote.