Hello, Hello, Hello!                                                                        

Happiest of New Years!!

December sure proved to be an interesting weather month!  From the cold and snowy,  frozen and icy, then darn near balmy and raining!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. I know several folks whose travel plans went sideways after the weather cancelled many flights. My own Christmas was a good example of planning, adjusting, readjusting, then adjusting one more time. I guess sometimes traditions just need a little change-up! 

January brings with it the annual IBIC membership drive. Volunteers Elisha Rain and Paul Larson are ready to receive your memberships, collate, deposit, and organize them all on Excel. A preemptive thank you to both of you!! Indianola is such a special and unique little village. Many of the attributes enjoyed by the residents of Indianola are owned and maintained by IBIC and the volunteers who run IBIC. If you’re not already a member, join us!!  And if you’ve joined us, sign up to volunteer. The old saying “many hands make light work” is no joke. There are so many small, but vital tasks that need doing. Come make a difference!!

As I write this, my pot of chili is simmering on the stove. Hope I saw you there at the Chili Cook-off!!  I’m looking forward to the return of more community Clubhouse events. Tim Celeski plans to bring back Movie Night!! Stay tuned for more details…

The crocuses are peaking their little heads out of the dirt, the days are slowly getting longer, and soon enough we’ll be talking about Indianola Days! 

Cheers to good health and spicy chili!!

Karen Jacobsen Kinnaird