BOAT STORAGE RACK: Located at the west end of Rose Marie’s Park is a boat storage rack used to store IBIC members’ small boats, kayaks, canoes and paddle boards.

The Boat Storage Rack Rules are found on the right sidebar of this page. Use of the boat storage rack now includes the basic requirements that all boat owners; 1) must be members of the IBIC; 2) must register their boat; and 3) must have an assigned space on the boat rack, among other rules. Boaters, please read the rules in their entirety.

The Vessel Registration Form is also available at right as a PDF and may be printed out and mailed in for registration purposes. If possible, mail this form in WITH your IBIC membership form. (To join the IBIC, go to the top menu, find THE CLUB and drop down to “Join or Renew” for membership information and forms.)

Contact email:

Emergency contact for USCG, Sheriff’s Department, etc., for reporting vessels found, or for requesting identification of owners of unmanned, free-floating vessels or vessels washed ashore: Sarah Runnels – Cell 360-271-4544.