Oh, spring!  The weather is getting warmer, the little green sprouts are pushing their heads out of the ground and there are lots of birds singing! What a wonderful season! 

There will be a beach cleanup scheduled for Saturday April 24th at 10:00 a.m., please look for signs to give you exact information. We love that so many help and we have a clean beach again after winter’s king tides.

And a mention to cleaning the beach, since the dumpsters are gone on the side of the store, we need all our neighbors to “Pack it in – Pack it out”. Please pick up after yourselves. This can be the best summer ever. 

Speaking of the beach, my neighbor, Dave Myers, suggested we begin family picnics on Fridays at the beach at 6:30 p.m. Each family grab a spot on the beach, with a blanket and food and maybe you can get to know the family next to you. Sounds like a great community get-together! 

Longtime resident Melinda West had in her possession some audio tapes recorded in 1990 of longtime Indianola residents and Suquamish elders. These were recently digitized and given to the Suquamish Museum. The links to the recordings are on her webpage in the blog column, Weaving Words — 1990 Suquamish-Indianola Oral Histories.  Here is her webpage address:


I think so many people would love to hear these. I just heard two of my old friends, Robert Maston and Dan Nichols’ voices on here. (they both have passed away). Robert’s adult daughter was two years old when he passed and just heard his voice for the first time.

Remember, there is great free WIFI outside our

Clubhouse if anyone needs it. It is the KPUD-guest link. If anyone needs to do school work, please contact me or any trustee and we can arrange some space in our library. 

And lastly, I would love to publicly give a shout- out to our diverse beach committee that worked for a couple of months to try to solve all of our issues. Here is the list:  Russ Sciandra, trustee and facilitator, Leah Green, mediator and guide, committee members Ann Lantz, Art Langlie, Bob Kinniard, Brian Murphy, Craig Jacobrown, Elizabeth Unsell, Emily Reckord Young, Frankye Jones, John Lane, Mary Ellen Salyan, Megan Zezeck, Olive Trueb, Steve Vlahovich, and Tina Gianoulis. I know it was tough but some of you persevered. We appreciate you!  There will be a new sign at the head of the stairs trying to discourage bad behaviors on our beach. Thank you again. Your community appreciates your time and effort. 

Be sure to check out our webpage, www.Indianola.club for copies of our Breeze. You will find a color edition on the home page. There will be cute pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt and the cute kiddos!  

I give thanks to all the community members who step up, get outside and, while there, pick up a piece of garbage. 

Susan Hancock

IBIC President