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October 2019


I wish I could say from a security standpoint that things have been quiet, but unfortunately that’s not the case. In the last month we have had sani cans tipped over, the grate from road end by the dock removed and taken to the end of the dock, and young adults in the Pavilion from midnight until 4:00 in the morning smoking weed and loitering. We have had several security meetings and new signs for properties are being vetted out and planned for installation. All properties above the beach will be open “Dawn to Dusk,” unless they are reserved for an event and prior arrangements have been made through IBIC. These measures will be strictly enforced.

On another note, we are in a deep dive reviewing the Club’s Bylaws. You might ask why: Bylaws are required by the State, whether the organization is for-profit or non-profit. While over the years we have made changes to the Bylaws, as recently as the August Annual Meeting, our Bylaws are in need of updating. We are using the Washington Non-Profit Handbook, 2018 edition published by Wayfind, to guide us in this process and will have an attorney do the final review. Naturally, any changes will have to be voted on by the membership, so we will be updating the membership through the Breeze as we progress.

Again, my appreciation goes out to the many volunteers and the ongoing contributions that strengthen our community.

Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering.  

Don Lantz, IBIC President 2019-2020

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